Spielbox (7/2020)

Reviews on magazine

Title Evaluated games Page Writer Type Evaluation
Omaggio: 5 nuove carte per Hadara Hadara 0 Game or Insert
Editoriale: Of little consolation 1 Hardel Mathias General purpose article
To the ends of the world and back 7th Continent: Classic Edition 4 Ruscher Gerald Detailed review A
Current: Video Chats vs Personal Interaction 6 Becker Andreas General purpose article
Slimmed down offspring Masters of Renaissance 10 KMW (Knut Michael Wolf) Detailed review B
Between vision and compromise My City 12 Bartsch Udo Detailed review B
Sory arcs Circadians: First Light 16 Weinberg Simon Detailed review B
Not a Tetris spin-off, not a worker placement Robin of Loscksley 18 Ruschitzka Edwin Review B
Cohesion in times of social distancing Aqualin 20 Herold Wieland Detailed review D
Pure Joy of Thinking: Pyramids 22 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) General purpose article
When test players mutiny Orléans Stories 24 Ruscher Gerald Detailed review D
To be continued Barenpark: The Bad News Bears 27 Becker Andreas Review B
The gearbox sends its greetings Rallyman GT 28 Burger Roy Detailed review A
Grabbing spirituality Tajuto 30 Schrapers Harald Detailed review D
Portrait: Morten Monrad Pedersen 32 Tisch Christof Interviews or reports
Coup with cascades Rumble Nation 34 Conrad Christwart Detailed review B
Background: Rumble Nation per Vassal 36 Conrad Christwart General purpose article
Risk management before cup-testing Coffée Roaster 38 Herold Wieland Detailed review B
Two dimensions rather than four Sanctum 40 How Alan Detailed review C
Pedal to the metal? It depends ... Rally 43 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) General purpose article
Poor old Russia Europe Divided 44 Hardel Mathias Detailed review A
For KIds: Gespenster am Fenster 46 Short review
For KIds: Foto Fish 46 Short review
For KIds: In a flash firefighters 47 Short review
At a glance Yokai 48 Ducksch Stefan Review C
At a glance Divvy Dice 49 Bartsch Udo Review C
At a glance Wordsmith 50 Ducksch Stefan Review D
At a glance Electropolis 51 Conrad Christwart Review C
At a glance Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse: Wurfelspeil 52 Herold Wieland Short review D
Short Notes: On the death of Eric Solomon 53 Werneck Tom General purpose article
Spiel des Jahres 2020 54 General purpose article
Tweaks and Variations: Krasserfall additional rules 56 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications
Tweaks and Variations: Krasserfall secret color assignement 56 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications
Tweaks and Variations: Determining the starting cards Yukon Airways 56 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications



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