Spielbox (12/2018)

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Title Evaluated games Page Writer Type Evaluation
Editoriale: Nightcaps plus Epic Games on prescription 1 Hardel Mathias General purpose article
Draft your Rocket Lift Off 4 Klein Christian Detailed review B
Oldie: Liftoff, Risk Management 7 General purpose article
Work in your Time Off X-Code 8 Bartsch Udo Detailed review C
Room for improvement Atlantica 12 Wieland Herold Detailed review C
Current: Change of Asmodéeownership 14 Hardel Mathias General purpose article
Good flow, despite color problems Carpe Diem 16 Ducksch Stefan Detailed review B
Background: Stefan Feld and Stefan Bruck reunited one again 18 Ducksch Stefan Interviews or reports
As if in a Flash Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas 20 Ruschitzka Edwin Detailed review B
Dry season at the water hole Okavango 22 Ducksch Stefan Detailed review D
Movie theater madness Showtime 24 Wieland Herold Detailed review D
To be continued Andor (Le leggende di): Die Verschollenen Legenden 26 KMW (Knut Michael Wolf) Review B
Pure Joy of Thinking: Ascension 27 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) General purpose article
Medical treatment for sixsiders Dice Hospital 30 How Alan Detailed review D
Portrait: Scott Alden 32 Whitehill Bruce Interviews or reports
More creativity, fewer crashes Men at Work 34 Conrad Christwart Detailed review B
Welcome clause of mutual defense Red Poppies Campaigns : The Battles for Ypres 36 Hardel Mathias Detailed review A
Charming movement patterns Onitama 40 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) Detailed review A
Sweet animal fairy tale Everdell 42 Schiele Lars Detailed review A
Be a Hero ... at the checkout Lords of Hellas 44 Hardel Mathias Detailed review A
For Kids: Twin it 47 Reil Katrin Short review
For Kids: Monster Meister 47 Reil Katrin Short review
For Kids: Cool runnings 48 Wieland Herold Short review
For Kids: Polar smash 48 Wieland Herold Short review
For Kids: Go Go Gelato 48 Wieland Herold Short review
At a Glance Azimuth: Ride the Winds 50 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) Review C
At a Glance Lighthouse Run 51 Schrapers Harald Short review C
For Kids: Who did it ? (Krasse Kacke) 52 Short review
At a Glance Adios Calavera 52 Whitehill Bruce Review B
Short Notes: Return as a double pack Trans Europa 54 Conrad Christwart News
Short Notes: Crypto Cartel come Bohnanza ? 54 Hardel Mathias News
Short Notes: Klaus Zoch find a new home (Estate) 54 Conrad Christwart News
Short Notes: libro Abstrakte Brettspiele (sui giochi astratti) 54 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) News
Tweaks and Variations: Double Win Paper Tales 56 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) Variants or Modifications
Tweaks and Variations: Play without elimination Men at Work 56 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications

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