Spielbox (11/2018)

Reviews on magazine

Title Evaluated games Page Writer Type Evaluation
Omaggio: Una carta Catalyst 0 Game or Insert
Editorial: Pre-play and After-play 1 Conrad Christwart General purpose article
Promos as Bribes: Voting for DSP ended early 2 Wenzel Sebastian General purpose article
Planning or chaos, it depends ... Wildlands 6 Hardel Mathias Detailed review A
Much too fiddle Century: Eastern Wonders 10 Ducksch Stefan Detailed review C
Portrait: Hilko Drude 12 Wieland Herold Interviews or reports
Sheep or the Common Good Lowlands 14 Conrad Christwart Detailed review B
Copyright vs Author's Rights 17 Cornett Gunter General purpose article
Epic neighborly competition Paper Tales 20 Schrapers Harald Detailed review C
Not just more of the same in the space Gaia Project 22 Traczinski Holger Detailed review A
To be continued Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance 26 Conrad Christwart Detailed review C
Flowless but bland Mercado 28 Wieland Herold Detailed review D
Report: Fora fistful of cardboard: a tour in Germany (Fields of Arle) 30 Bartsch Udo General purpose article
Emphasis required Sands of Time (The) 32 How Alan Detailed review A
Anti-colonialism the "hard way" Spirit Island 35 Staber Matthias Detailed review A
Spiel '18 - New Arrivals: Transferred in part 38 Interviews or reports
Pondering together Watson & Holmes (2a edizione) 48 KMW (Knut Michael Wolf) Detailed review D
Seppuku to gain Victory Points Rising Sun 51 How Alan Detailed review B
For KIds: Bitte Nacht Futtern 54 Wieland Herold Short review
For KIds: Speed Colors 54 Wieland Herold Short review
For KIds: Im Kritzeln eine 1 55 Wieland Herold Short review
For KIds: Der geheimnisvolle Zaubersee 56 Reil Katrin Short review
For KIds: Saus un Brau's 56 Reil Katrin Short review
At a glance Claim (2017) 57 L.U.Dikus (Jochen Corts) Review B
At a glance Moorea 58 KMW (Knut Michael Wolf) Short review C
At a glance Anchors Aweight! 58 Wieland Herold Short review B
At a glance Piepmatz 60 Ducksch Stefan Short review
At a glance Wallet 60 Wieland Herold Short review
Short Notes: Azul also leading at the DSP 62 Hardel Mathias General purpose article
Short NOtes: Graph Ludo 2018 goes to Alexander Jung and Doris Matthaus 62 Hardel Mathias Interviews or reports
Tweaks and variations: Competition for Experts Montana 64 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications
Tweaks and variations: The striving for Justice Garten von Versailles (Die) 64 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications
Tweaks and variations: More chances for those who are lagging behind Sau Mau Mau 64 Conrad Christwart Variants or Modifications


Catalyst Railroad Ink

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